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Spring Boot Hello World

Spring Boot Hello World logo

This tutorial will show you how to easily create a Spring Boot Hello World and explain a few concepts about this simple and productive tool.

Why Spring Boot?

The Spring ecosystem has become very large over the years, making it possible to to use dependency injection, create RESTful API’s, process batch jobs with database access and more, much more. However, the initial setup and sometimes the maintenance of such projects would be a bit messy with a considerable amount of different frameworks coexisting with each other.

Moreover, monolithic applications most of the time can only escalate as a whole, but not just their most frequently used features in order to improve computational resources usage.

Spring Boot comes to solve all of these problems, providing production ready stand-alone applications and convention over configuration settings, to let you start coding what really matters as fast as possible: your business logic.

Now that you know how important Spring Boot is, let’s go to the tutorial.


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