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Books I have read

Here you can find all Java programming books that I have read, and a brief description of each one.

Head First Java 2nd Edition – Kathy Sierra and Bart Bates
A great book for beginners at Java programming and object-oriented paradigm, also, my first Java book. It guides you through the very basics of the language to the needed skills to develop your first application.

Head First Servlets and JSP – Kathy Sierra, Bart Bates and Bryan Basham
This book introduces the web app development using Java. By understanding this book, you have the knowledge and the ability to easily learn most of the MVC frameworks, and also, be able to become an Oracle SCWCD certified developer.

Java 8 Prático – Paulo Silveira and Rodrigo Turini (Portuguese only)
Introducing the new features of Java 8, this book is a great start to understand lambdas, functions, streams and the new date and time API: java.time.

Effective Java 2nd Edition – Joshua Bloch
A great guide to best practices, rules, and safe programming wrote by one of the developers of Java language. Effective Java is a must read book for every Java programmer.

Head First HTML and CSS – Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman
This book guides from the very basics of HTML and CSS to the best practices and helps you to make the right choices for structure and design implementation. By reading this book you will be able to build web pages using the new and modern features of HTML 5 and CSS 3, also, maintain legacy code if asked for.

Google Android – João Bosco Monteiro (Portuguese only)
A book for those who want to build Android applications using the best practices and more sophisticated features of mobile devices, by learning it quickly and right to the point. By reading this book, it took just one week long to build an Android application using hardware integration, messaging, maps and web communication through web services and also, a modern design.

iBatis in Action – Clinton Begin, Brandon Goodin and Larry Meadors
iBatis is a data mapper framework, named MyBatis nowadays. This book teaches how to use the framework to elegantly map your database to you oriented-object model, by proposing a multi-layer architecture (which I still use even with ORM frameworks), reusable and clean code.

JSF e JPA – Gilliard Cordeiro (Portuguese only)
A great book for the first experience with JPA and JSF. It’s very impressive how easily the author introduces advanced concepts using a simple language that makes everything seems easier. Along with practical examples, you will understand the Object-oriented-model (ORM) and probably change your mindset to such a way, leaving the database slightly aside, but of course, without losing the quality and consistency of both Object-oriented-model and Entity-Relationship (ER). Also, you will meet the facilities of developing web components with JSF.

Design Patterns com Java – Eduardo Guerra (Portuguese only)
A cookbook for most of the GoF design patterns, every one with code examples into real contexts, advantages, and drawbacks. By reading this book you will start to analyse the problems with critical eyes and design solutions using a strong background on the most used design patterns.

Orientação a Objetos e SOLID para Ninjas – Maurício Aniche (Portuguese only)
A great book from one of my favourite authors. This book demonstrates how far our way of thinking might be from real object-oriented design. Reading this book, you are going to be able to develop cohesive, readable and maintainable code which really represents our real world as objects.

SCJP 6 – Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates
Another great book that offers a solid and deep understanding of the Java language, which even experienced programmers can still learn something from. This book (besides the Enthuware simulators) was enough to give me the needed background to get my OCJP6 certification.

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