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Add SBT wrapper to a project

This tutorial will show how to add SBT wrapper to a project, so we don’t have to install either Sbt or Scala in order to build it.

Similarly to Gradle Wrapper, SBT users also have the ability to add a wrapper to their projects, thanks to the excellent sbt-extras project maintained by a group of more than 50 contributors up to this date. This project provides a sbt bash script that works similarly to gradlew for Gradle projects.

According to the documentation, the script will automatically detect and download the required Scala and Sbt versions on runtime. This means you can work on multiple projects with different version combinations without having to update your environment settings.

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Create Play Java Project

This tutorial is going to show you how to create a Play Java project using the command line build tool SBT in simple steps.

Create a Workspace

First, create a workspace in order to keep things organised:

mkdir play-workspace
cd play-workspace
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