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Extract from JDK Installer

Last Updated on 14/11/2020

Since Oracle stopped shipping inside of on the release 45 of JDK 8, this tutorial will show you how to extract from JDK installer.

Download the JDK

Visit this link to download the appropriate JDK for your Windows (32 or 64 bits), accepting Oracle’s license agreement.

Run the Installer, but stop right away!

Once you’ve downloaded the installer, execute it and wait until the welcome page is presented, don’t click on Next or not even close it:

JDK installation welcome page


Whilst you keep the welcome page opened, go to the C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Oracle\Java, replacing <youruser> by your current Windows’ user, for example C:\Users\bruno.gasparotto\AppData\LocalLow\Oracle, then you might see something like the following:

Inside of LocalRow Java folder

Go to the JDK folder then you might see the following files:

Inside of the LocalRow JDK folder

These files contains the following resources, pay attention to their prefixes to help you finding the right file on the next JDK releases:

  • jdk1.8.0_12164.msi: the MSI installer
  • the JRE runnable
  • the we are looking for
  • the we can extract the JDK from
  • the COPYRIGHT file

Open the file and copy the to a safe location, because the cab files are going to vanish when you close the installer. file inside of LocalRow file

Finally, with the file saved somewhere safe, close the installer you opened at the beginning of this tutorial.

For a guide on how to properly extract the JDK from the downloaded installer, please refer to:

Hope it helps. Cya!


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