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Start, Stop and Restart Wildfly

Last Updated on 14/11/2020

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If your memory likes to trick you like mine does, this post is for you. Below are the three most important commands for start, stop and restart Wildfly and JBoss late releases. Also, an extra for starting it in domain mode.

Everything should be done into your <$JBOSS_HOME>/bin folder:


Linux: ./ &

Windows: standalone.bat


Linux: ./ --connect command=:shutdown

Windows: jboss-cli.bat --connect command=:shutdown


Linux: ./ --connect command=:reload

Windows: jboss-cli.bat --connect command=:reload

Start in domain mode

Linux: ./ &

Windows: domain.bat

I hope it helps. Cya!

14 thoughts on “Start, Stop and Restart Wildfly”

  1. Hi, I used the step to restart the keycloak server. Now after the restart I am unable to access the keycloak.

  2. You saved my life (or at least, a few hours of my precious time) : I was trying to add the 1st user in a dockerized keycloak, and found no way to reload the configuration after that

  3. Hi, is there any way to start the server and close the cmd window. Many times I accidentally close the window which stops my server.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows machine here but after digging it up a little bit, I found that the following might work:
      start /B standalone.bat

      Please let me know if it works!

  4. I had the same issue. I solved doing this:
    Go to /bin and edit the jboss-cli.xml file
    Go to section
    Change the value of tag from localhost to the hostname.
    For example:
    Change :




  5. Hello. I’m facing trouble in installing wildfly 11 on CentOS. Can you share the correct installation steps.


    1. Hello Bony,

      What exactly is going on? Currently I have the steps for both Windows and Ubuntu on this tutorial, but I will update with the steps for CentOS as soon as I can.

      In the meanwhile, I believe it is worth checking the Ubuntu section in the link I posted in order to try to adapt it for CentOS.
      I’ll be posting an update soon.

  6. hey, really like the site.

    am struggling though with anything but starting the server with standalone.bat.

    stopping or restarting (or starting the server with jboss-cli) results in:

    Failed to connect to the controller: The controller is not available at localhost:9990: Could not connect to remote+http://localhost:9990. The connection failed: Permission denied: no further information

    I can’t work it out at all!

    Will be reading your content regardless – looks good, thanks!

    1. Hi Nick! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate that =]

      About the issue you’re facing regarding the jboss.cli:
      1 – Does the startup log show any errors or unexpected behaviour?
      2 – Does it happen on stock Wildfly installations as well?

    2. Hi Nick,
      not sure if you solved your problem. I found out, that often “localhost” does not work as a proper hostname. It is better to use, the real IP or FQDN Hostname.

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