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Convert JDK from EXE to ZIP

Since Oracle doesn’t provide JDK as portable ZIP for Windows, this tutorial will show how to convert JDK from EXE to ZIP.

Are you using Java 9?

If you’re looking for instructions to convert JDK 9, the process is a bit different than this one for Java 8 and prior versions, so please visit the following tutorial for Java 9:


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Change Eclipse JRE Path

This tutorial will show how to change Eclipse JRE path, in order to force Eclipse to use the specified JVM.
This is a very useful approach if you need your Eclipse running over a different JVM than the one specified on your PATH environment variable, or even if this variable absent. Also, it is going to help you with portable JREs and to solve the No Java Virtual machine was found error.

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Enable Wildfly remote access

This tutotial will show how to enable Wildfly remote access, so you can manage your application server remotely as you would at the local machine it is running on.

The Problem

I believe that everyone is very used to install Wildfly on your local machine running a operation system with GUI and a web browsers available. So, when you need to log on Wildfly’s administrative page at http://localhost:8080/ to manage your application server for, by example, adding users or adding datasources, everything works as expected.
However, if your Wildfly is running on a remote machine and you try to access your administrative page through the network by it’s IP address or hostname, let’s say, at, you will probably see a graceful This webpage is not available error, in another words, Wildfly said “No, thanks, I’m not allowing requests from another guys than the ones at my local machine”.

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